Testimonials About Dijon From Dignitaries & Educators

These are the Conversations that Dignitaries have shared with Dijon through Books and or Conversations.

The 39th President of The United States of America President Jimmy Carter – Dijon Good Luck and Best Wishes from President Jimmy Carter.

Dr. Bernice King – Dijon The Dream is Alive!

Tavis Smiley – Dijon Keep Striving & Remember To Keep The Faith!

Dr. M.L. King Eldest Sister – Dijon Blessings and Best Wishes

Dr. M.L. King Cousin – Dijon Blessings and Thank you, for believing that all is possible

Dr. C.T. Vivian – Dijon you will do Great things!

Dr. Joseph E. Lowery – Dijon Love & Embrace Justice

Ken Hudson First Black Full Time N.B.A. Referee
– Dijon You are a wonder to this world Keep on stepping.

Urban League of Greater Atlanta – Dijon you continue to do so much in and for the community

Dijon I have never met a student like you! You made the class interesting each and everyday, I love your confidence, ambition and maturity. I can’t wait to read about you in the magazines Keep Impressing People The Way You Do! – Former Educator

Ladies and Gentlemen This young man is well on his way. To Greatness and Continued Success!!!…