Speaking Appearances


Whether it’s a speaking engagement, event , Dijon can be of service to you. Submit a request form today and we could have talent for you tomorrow! Mr. Russell Is a 10 Year Season Veteran Member of Toast Masters International. Toast Masters Metro Atlanta-Tucker Chapter. As well a 8 Year Member The National Speakers Association collegiate Academy.

He has completed Levels 1-5 in Toast Masters Presentation Mastery

He has been ask to speak to,
◾Colleges and universities
◾ Business functions
◾Young Men’s groups
◾African American organizations

Dijon Is Available For
Master of Ceremonies
Commencement Speaker
Motivational Speaker
Keynote Address

Here are the Topics of Discussions that Dijon Speaks On….
Black Men
Social Justice

1.Where do we go from Here? – Commencement Address

2.What is State of Young Black Men In the 21st Century?
What does Power 2 Change mean to you? – Addressing our Young African-American Males In Our Communities.
– What Is With The Thug Uniform What female is impress with half of your behind showing while in public such as a shopping mall or in other public place for that matter.

3. We are Here to Make History: A Welcome Address for First-Year Students Science Technology Education Engineering Mathematics. – Education

To Young To Fail – The Battle Is not over we still got work to do. –Addressing our young men that act lackadaisical.

We will Succeed Cause It’s In our Race!- Concludes with this last statement.