Dijon Educational Background

Here is Dijon Educational Background.

Stone Mountain High School. (2007-2010).

Georgia Piedmont Technical College 2012 – Present.

Dijon is currently pursuing Certification and Degree in Media Production. Since his background is Entertainment. Since he was a Toddler (Local Commercials, political ad campaigns, Ads) He is going to be working with T.V. and Film in the field of Design Media Production.

University of Michigan Flint – Fall

On May 18, 2022 The University of Michigan-Flint At 11-11:30 Am. Mr. Dijon L.M. Russell was Approved and Admitted to The University.

Dijon was fortunate to grow up on the campus of UOfM Flint since he was toddler until he was in early 20’s. From 1994-2012.

Following his certification and Degree in Media Production he will get his Bachelors in Communications and Media Studies minor in Public Relations follow by J.D.